About Our Shop

the vision

More than a clothing brand, WRTHY creates community among others striving to achieve a more intentional lifestyle. 

We want to leave an impact on your life by being more than just another brand. We want a call to action on the fashion industry not only by changing the way clothes are designed and made but also the way clothes are purchased - both more intentional and thoughtful, more with a purpose. 

style + quality

WRTHY believes in the mantra, "Quality over quantity."

Every piece is designed with timeless in mind. Therefore every piece is made to be versatile and effortless to wear and style. We want you to love it more with each wear and use. 

Most clothing are created using natural fibers to ensure longevity of the garment and have the least amount of impact on the environment. 


Most clothing are made from deadstock fabrics, which are fabrics that are leftovers from manufacturers or fashion companies that overestimate their needs.

We love using deadstock fabrics for many reasons. One is because we are rescuing them from being in the landfills. Another is that there are rarely huge quantities of fabrics. Therefore your WRTHY piece is better for the planet and more unique.